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Kids Book: Bobby the Bobolink Helps to Rescue His Proud Friend

A beauty pageant has bobolinks and ducks alike tweeting with excitement. Primping and smoothing abounds, all the feathered creatures see themselves as superior to the next. Quaking and squawking leads to unkind words between the contestants, leaving some to feel insecure about their own beauty. When human hunters mark the ducks as prey, Angie Duck is injured. Bobby Bobolink chooses to help her despite protests from others. In helping her with the aid of unlikely companions, they all learn that God makes no mistakes and that no one living thing is better or more deserving than the other.

Love Lessons: A BWWM Romance

Since the unexpected death of her beloved husband six years before, Adanaya Syed has contented herself with working and taking care of her precious son, Dabir. She misses the touch and feel of a man, but has no time or interest to pursue a new relationship. That is, until she lays eyes on her son’s new music teacher, Aidan Walters. The physical attraction is immediate, intense, and seems to be very mutual.

Will Ada take a chance and allow herself to become involved with the sexy, charismatic music man? Or will she lose her courage and her chance at a possible happily-ever-after?

Romantic Getaways: How to Keep The Spark Alive

Romance Travel: How to Keep the Spark Alive, takes you step-by-step through the process, and provides practical tips on planning your romantic trip. Whether your destination is 500 miles away or 5,000, this guide will show you how romance travel can invigorate your relationship and keep the spark alive.

Pass It On by Dorothy G. Tinsley

Inspirational poetry and writings to encourage yourself.

Permission To Love

All you need to know to give and receive love.

The Positve Thinking Way to a Successful Life

Tools to help you stay positive and live your best life!